“The doctor says everything is fine! Then why do I feel so bad?”

“The journey of healing that you embark upon – when you seek, find, and set a new course – a new route forward – is your story. You will need two essential elements to begin this challenge: a quest and battle plan.”

Preparing for your visit

First: Read our FAQs!

These answer basic questions about our practice, and a small number of physicians who have trained with Dr. Yu  to whom we can refer international patients. We cannot do virtual or phone consults; you can ask your doctor or dentist to attend Dr. Yu’s Training Sessions in April or August.

Step 1. Read our Welcome Letter

The more patients know about Dr. Yu’s practice, the more they want to become active in their own care and increase opportunities to improve their health. With this in mind, we invite you to learn Dr. Yu’s philosophy and approach. In addition, please learn more about our practice below.

Step 2. Fill out our New Patient Form

As a convenience for new patients, and to save time on your first visit, click on the above form, fill it in, and bring it with you. If you have questions, please do the best you can; our staff will assist with your questions on the day of your visit. You may also bring any recent test results or labs.

Special Note: COVID Infection Control Precautions

Prevention and Healing has disinfection precautions in place. Our guidelines include temperature checks at the front desk, wearing a mask, and social distancing.

Blog and Events

If possible, attend the Free Monthly Seminar the second Tuesday of the month, and read some of my articles.

Review the FAQs
Review the website, especially this page, FAQs, Principal Causes of Illness, In-Depth Articles, and my books.
Watch our Videos
Watch some interviews, presentations, and introductory videos on Dr. Yu’s YouTube channel.
Read through some Patient Success Stories on chronic illnesses, and Clinical Case

Patient Information

Free Monthly Seminar

Want to Rebuild Your Immune System and Take Charge of Your Health? Come to My Free Monthly Seminar on Integrative Medicine – Simon Yu, MD

NOTE: Please wear a mask and social distance.

“My Doctor said everything is fine! Then why do I feel so lousy?” Is it time to find and treat the causes of your chronic illness? You don’t have to live with “incurable” symptoms anymore. How an integrative medicine physician, biological dentist, acupuncturist, and wellness counselor can help.

Learn about Dr. Yu’s philosophy; principal causes of weak immune systems; Q&A on detoxification, nutrition & dietary guidelines, mineral balance, dental problems, & more; peer sharing & support. For new and existing patients. 2nd Tuesday each month, 6:30 pm, call 314-432-7802 to confirm.

Principal Causes of Illness

Read about the principal causes of illness: heavy metals, food allergies and sensitivities, dental problems, diet and nutrition, and parasites and fungal problems, in my Introductory articles.

In-Depth Articles

Read some of my in-depth articles on common health conditions, and recommendations.

Good Friday Act

Note: Please wear a mask and social distance.

Since I do not accept insurance, I see patients on a reduced fee basis (whatever you can afford) one Friday per month. Lab tests, Rx, supplements and other direct expenses are regularly priced. 

This “open clinic” is on the first Friday of the month (call to confirm date), and we do not take appointments. This is for recommended for local St. Louis area patients only as there is no guarantee that everyone can be seen. Doors open 7:30-8:00 am, first come first serve. Please read the Full Explanation of the “Good Friday” Act, and try to attend the Free Monthly Seminar.

New Patient Medical History Form
As a convenience for new patients, and to save time on your first visit, click here to print this form, fill it in, and bring it with you. If you have questions, please do the best you can; our staff will assist with your questions on the day of your visit. You may also bring any recent test results or labs.
Please sign-in at the front desk upon arrival. The front desk staff will verify your personal information and give you any forms necessary for your visit. These may include a Patient Consent Form, Privacy Practices-HIPAA Form, and Lab Informed Consent Form.
First Visit

New local patient visits take 3-4 hours, and more if there is additional testing; plan to spend half a day. This includes about an hour with Dr. Yu to review your medical history and conduct his assessment, and the rest with clinic staff for additional assessments and samples needed for labs ordered. The fee includes a visit with your choice of either our acupuncturist or wellness counselor. It can be scheduled in advance the same day, or on a future date.

Labs and Tests
Depending on the nature and complexity of your lab tests, the timing of results may vary widely. If Dr. Yu orders tests during your appointment, you will submit payment when the specimen is sent, and typically get the results at your next visit. Many are laboratory developed tests not covered by insurance.
Prescriptions and Supplements
Prescriptions can be called into one of our compounding pharmacies and delivered to our office or your home, or you can fill it with your home compounding pharmacy. Supplements, herbs and immune supports can be purchased at our office or by you at home.
Your Bill
We will give you your bill and expect full payment at the end of each visit. We accept cash, checks and credit cards (except American Express). If you have any questions after you receive your bill, please call us. We will make every effort to respond within 24 hours.
Self-Pay Practice
Dr. Yu does not a participate in any health insurance, and has “opted out” of Medicare and Medicaid. This means that all patients must enter into a contract with Dr. Yu prior to being seen. All visits, labs and therapeutic treatments are self pay.
Why We Don't Take Insurance
Why don’t we take insurance? We don’t accept insurance because, if we did, insurance companies would dictate too much of how we should practice medicine under rigid diagnostic codes and coverage guidelines. We can provide what we consider to be the best care to our patients, focusing more on care than billing and paperwork.

From this perspective, it is a benefit to our patients that we do not accept insurance so that we can provide what we consider to be the best care to our patients. Our patients affirm this by the fact that they come to us for care. They are seeking a different philosophy and practice of medicine that is not the traditional allopathic practice but what they and we consider to be a more health-promoting practice of medicine.

Questions and Concerns
If you have any questions concerning your visit, please call and speak with the staff. If you have any concerns regarding any aspect of your visit, please call and ask to speak with the Clinical Supervisor.
Follow Up Visits
Please try to schedule your appointments as far in advance as possible, as Dr. Yu has a busy schedule. You may also call the office to schedule an appointment with our acupuncturist Pingfan Liu, health and wellness counselor Chaplain Paul Johnson, or for an IV infusion, far infrared sauna, bioenergetic therapy, or other therapeutic treatment.
What is a Compounding Pharmacy?
Compounding is the creation of a pharmaceutical drug by a licensed pharmacist to meet the unique needs of an individual patient. It may be a specific formulation, a specific dosage, and/or a different composition (such as omitting certain fillers) than the commercially available prescription drug. Dr. Yu often prescribes tailored medications from a compounding pharmacy to his patients, in addition to commercially available drugs. While compounded prescriptions are not typically covered by insurance, in some cases, the cost of the drugs can be less than a commercially available drug. Patients can choose from compounding pharmacies in the St. Louis area, which deliver to his office, or ones near their home.
Biological Dentist Referrals
Dr. Yu often finds a range of chronic health problems are linked to dental problems, from mercury and heavy metals, to galvanism, to root canal infections and cavitations (see Tooth-Organ Meridian Chart). He typically works to strengthen the gut and immune system, and refers patients to biological dentists for further evaluation and treatment. Here is a Referral List of Biological Dentists in the St. Louis Area, and links to national and international listings.
What is a Biological Dentist?
Biological dentistry typically refers to dental practices that understand the “tooth-body connection,” practice mercury-free and mercury-safe dentistry, and consider the impact of dental health on oral and systemic health. This includes mercury toxicity, root canal infections, and jaw infections (cavitations), and biocompatibility. Biological dentists can have differing opinions on root canals and implants; Dr. Yu finds that they can put a strain on patients’ immune systems.

Dr. Yu can refer patients to biological dentists and an oral surgeon in the St. Louis area, or patients can locate one near their home through organizations such as www.iaomt.org, www.iabdm.org, and www.holisticdental.org. SMART-certified dentists have completed a training course in the safe removal of dental mercury fillings, using special equipment and protocols to protect the patient and dental staff; see www.thesmartchoice.com.

Tooth-Organ Meridian Chart
Tooth-Organ Meridian Chart
View this very important Tooth-Organ Meridian Chart to understand the Tooth/Body Connection, and why a biological dentist or oral surgeon referral may be part of your “battle plan” to regain your health.

Tooth Organ Meridian Chart

International Patients
Dr. Yu sees international patients, but is also pleased to refer you to international physicians whom he trained in Acupuncture Meridian Assessment (AMA) who regularly practice its use. These physicians in Europe and Asia have done extensive training and use AMA as an adjunct diagnostic tool with patients.

Austria: Dr. med. Helmut Retzek, Vöcklabruck, Austria https://ganzemedizin.at, +43-7672-23700, office@ganzemedizin.at

Germany: Dr. med. Atel Hemat, Cologne, Germany https://dratelhemat.com, +49-0221-643-062-27, info@dratelhemat.com

India: Dr. Vijaya Mohan, Divine Touch Hospital, Suryapet, India, +91-9440-136-426, divinetouch1995@gmail.com

South Korea: Dr. Wooryong Kim, Seoul, South Korea, +82-10-6289-3206, nowandhere@gmail.com

Out of Town Patients

New out of town patients with serious health problems should schedule 1 to 1 1/2 days for the initial visit and begin follow-up therapies after the assessment (billed separately). Some out of town patients stay 3 to 4 days. The fee includes an initial consultation with our acupuncturist or our health and wellness counselor (your choice).

Dr. Yu has an arrangement with Sonesta ES Suites St. Louis – Westport for a special medical rate for his patients. Has a kitchen. 1855 Craigshire Road, Maryland Heights, St. Louis, MO 63146. Phone 888-995-8467

Visits and Fees: We are a self-pay practice and do not accept health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid.

This enables us to spent enough time with you as a patient, and keep administrative costs down.

Logistics: visits, fees, Rx, treatments

Local new patient visits take 3-4 hours (more if there is extra testing); plan to spend 1/2 to 1 day. This includes about an hour with Dr. Yu to review your medical history and conduct his assessment, and the rest with clinic staff for additional assessments and samples needed for labs ordered. Call for the initial patient fee, and cost of lab tests.

Out of town patients should schedule 1 to 1 1/2 days for an initial visit and begin follow-up therapies after the assessment (lab tests and therapies are billed separately); some stay 3-4 days. The fee includes an initial consultation with our acupuncturist or our health and wellness counselor.

Prescriptions can be filled at one of our compounding pharmacies or one near your home. Recommended supplements can be purchased at the clinic, or directly by you. If you elect to receive additional therapies or treatments at your first visit, such as an IV infusion, these services are an additional charge.

At future visits, Dr. Yu monitors your progress from the prior round of recommended treatment, reviews your lab results, and will reassess you to determine which problem(s) to treat next, and any additional tests. Future visits are less than the new patient consultation; call for current fee.

Patient Education

Free Monthly Seminar

Patient education icon
Free Monthly Seminar – 2nd Tuesday of each Month, 6:30 pm (call to confirm)
Note: Please wear a mask and social distance.

Learn more

Frequently asked questions

What would you like to know?

What’s the best way to get in touch with you?

The best way to get in touch is to call during business hours at 314-432-7802. If we are busy with other patients, we will try to get back to you within 48 hours.

Where are you located?

We are located in St. Louis. If you are coming from out of town, the Sonesta ES (Extended Stay) in Westport offers a special medical rate; units have a kitchen, and a nice European design.

When are you available?

Check our business hours on the contact page. If you have a question outside of these hours, don’t hesitate to leave a phone message. We only set up appointments by phone.

Does Dr. Yu do telephone or video consults?

Dr. Yu does not do telephone or video appointments; acupuncture meridian assessment (AMA) and other tests require physical presence.  Some exceptions for established (3+ visits) out-of-town patients to review tests or answer difficult questions.

Can Dr. Yu recommend others who do similar testing?

Dr. Yu cannot at this time refer you to other U.S. physicians who do comparable forms of testing; some are working to develop sufficient practice after attending his AMA training. There are four overseas, see International Patients above.

Can Dr. Yu consult with my doctor if I am not a patient?

If you are not a patient of Dr. Yu, he cannot consult with your doctor about your care. Share the information about his AMA Training (April & August), and encourage him/her to attend, to learn more about Dr. Yu’s protocols.

How can I learn more?

Attend Dr. Yu’s Free Monthly Seminar (second Tuesday at 6:30 pm, call to confirm), review this website, read his articles, books, patient stories, clinical cases, and watch his videos. Please sign up for his monthly newsletter below.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (except American Express). Dr. Yu is not a participating physician in any health insurance. He’s also “opted out” of Medicare, so patients must enter into a contract with Dr. Yu prior to being seen.

What is special about Prevention and Healing?
My multifaceted assessment process investigates the root causes of your illness. I have deep experience in diagnostic approaches and therapies to treat a wide range of health problems, helping the immune system recover and heal.

Medical Disclaimer

This website is designed for educational purposes, and should not be relied upon as a substitute for consultations with qualified health professionals who are familiar with your individual medical needs.